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Rules, bailing & more Empty Rules, bailing & more

Post  Kart on Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:39 am

Rules list:

1. No blocking paths in PVP (kick, jail for a day)
2. No spamming(kick, or mute depending on how bad it is)
3. No Real world trading (does not include fanturacash for coins) (jail for 1 week, second offence jail perm)
4. No hacking/cheating(permanent ban, jail)
5. No password scamming(jail 1 day, then perm)
6. No item scamming(jail 1 day, then perm)
7. No unnecessarily strong language.(kick)
8. No bug abusing(reset character/bank or jail depending on how bad the abusing was)
9. No afk training(jail 1 day, jail 1 week, jail perm)
10. No macroing in any way(using bots to do things automatically.), (Ban/reset account or resources)
11. No Multi-logging.

Bailing friend out, bailing yourself out.

14. Hacking/cheating, if its the first time you've got banned doing this these are the prices:
Bail yourself out: 25$ or 25M RSGP
Bail a friend out: 20$ or 20M RSGP

8. Bug abuse, depending on the state of your account, if its the first time;

More info to come...

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